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Leap Second Testing


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The next leap second will be added to the official time scale (UTC) on June 30, 2015. This will be the first leap second in 3 years.

Did you know it is up to GPS devices' firmware and algorithms and the devices that use time synchronization to manage the leap second correctly. To uncover any detrimental effect of the upcoming leap second event, leap second conformance should be tested to the GPS specification IS-GPS-200H (September 2013).

Leap Second Testing Made Easy

A very simple way to test the GPS device, and all down-stream devices connected to it through synchronization, is via GPS simulation. Spectracom’s GPS constellation simulators can simulate the leap second event to occur on June 30, 2015, anytime, from the convenience of your bench. A typical test takes about 30 minutes to set up and run. The application note Leap Second Testing Made Easy  provides background on the leap second event and describes leap second testing with the Spectracom simulator. Existing users of GSG Series GPS constellation simulators can download our sample leap second test scenario.

Products for Leap Second Testing


GSG 6 Series Multi-Frequency GNSS/GPS Simulator

The GSG 6 series is a GNSS/GPSSignal Simulator capable of simulating up to 64 channels of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS signals. Any version offers the ability to simulate leap seconds.

GSG 5 Series Multi-Channel GNSS/GPS Simulator

The GSG 5 series is a GNSS/GPS Signal Simulator capable of up to 16 channels of multi-constellation GNSS signals in the standard commercial L1 band. Any version offers the ability to simulate leap seconds.