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GPS Signal Generators are used for lab and production testing of GPS receivers and devices that use GPS for positioning, navigation or timing.

Those unfamilar with alternatives to testing GPS with "live sky." there are a number of advantages to using a flexible and programmable signal generator. These instruments can also be known as GPS simulators, GPS imitators, and GPS testers. GPS Signal Generators allow you to perform a test on a GPS receiver by controlling the GPS signal unlimited by current conditions and the current signals transmitted by the GPS satellites overhead. A GPS signal generator has the ability to simulate radio transmissions one or more satellites. A single-channel GPS signal generator can test the ability of a GPS device to receive a transmission by identifying the satellite at a variety of power levels to test device assembly and a basic operational check.  Multi-channel signal generators can perform a full operational check by allowing the GPS receiver to calculate a full navigation solution anytime, anywhere, under any environmental condition, including date/time (present, past, and future), location, and by any configuration of global navigation satellites.  You can also test simulated movements, speeds or maneuvers, ground, sea, air, or space (in some circumstances).  Conditions such as atmospheric variations and signal obscuration can often be simulated.

In addition to signals from the GPS system, Spectracom's signal generators can also simulate other global navigation satellite systems' (GNSS) signals, including Galileo, GLONASS, and Compass/BeiDou.  The development of these systems is in direct response to the growing concern about the reliance on one signal or one system including susceptibility of interference, jamming, spoofing, and other problems the can affect signal availability.  Devices that derive PNT information from a combination of signals, such as from multiple GNSS systems, perform better.

Spectracom GPS signal generators are available in 3 configurations. The model GSG-51 single channel GPS signal generator is programmed with the specific signal type (if configured for GNSS constellations and/or different frequencies), the satellite ID, power level, date/time. It uses standard or custom ephemeris data to complete the data stream of the RF transmission. The frequency can be offset to measure the ability of the receiver to acquire a shifted signal. The GSG-5 and GSG-6 models are multi-channel GPS simulators that can also operate in single generator mode just like the model GSG-51. The GSG-6 series offers more channels and signals in more than one frequency band. The GSG-51 can be upgraded to either a GSG-5 or GSG-6 through a combination of hardware and software adders.

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Spectracom GPS Signal Generators

advanced GNSS multi-frequency GNSS signal generator
GSG 6 Series multi-frequency, advanced GNSS signal generator
  • 32 channels+ 2 frequencies, or 48 channels + 3 frequencies, or 64 channels + 4 frequencies
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou; L1, L2, P-code, pseudo P(Y), L2C, L5, E1, E5, E6
  • Advanced simulation: SBAS, multipath, interference, white noise, trajectories  

advanced GNSS multi-channel GNSS signal generator
GSG 5 Series multi-channel, advanced GNSS signal generator
  • 4, 8,  or 16 channels
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou; L1, E1, B1 
  • Advanced simulation: SBAS, multipath, interference, white noise, trajectories 
  • Upgradeable to more channels and frequencies

GSG-51 low cost single channel GNSS RF generator
  • 1-channel GNSS tester for simple manufacturing test and validation
  • Fully upgradeable to more channels