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Pendulum Instruments is now Spectracom

If you rely on precise time and frequency signals, you will benefit from the Pendulum line of test and measurement instruments.

Originally part of Philip's test & measurement division, our T&M product line is a result of more than 50 years of experience within the industry. Pendulum test and measurement instruments are precise, fast,and easy to use - ideal for aiding product development and for manufacturing test. Products include frequency standards and distribution systems for calibration and other test needs, frequency counters and analyzers, GPS signal generators, and microwave antenna alignment systems. Spectracom's T&M products are certified by CSA and the Russian GOST.



frequency counters and analyzers

  gps time and frequency standards   gps simulators

Frequency Counters/Analyzers

Leading Time and Frequency Counter/Analyzers and Microwave Frequency Counters, featuring ultrahigh speed and resolution with advanced graphics, zero dead-time, Allan deviation, Modulation Domain Analysis and overall high-performance.

Frequency Standards

Achieving the highest precision and reliability of any frequency and time reference standards with GPS and Rubidium stability.

GPS Simulators

Spectracom has pioneered a line of affordable, easy-to-use, and powerful GPS simulators for testing the integration of GPS receivers and chip sets into your system.


microwave antenna alignment systems

coax fiber frequency distribution

Microwave Antenna Alignment Systems

Microwave antenna alignment solution for accurate antenna alignment which is critical for optimizing microwave link reliability.

Frequency Distribution

Frequency Distribution Amplifiers for high performance fiber optic or coax transmission and distribution of signals to multiple locations.

Synchronization Tester/Analyzer

The STA-61 synchronization tester product line has been acquired by Calnex Solutions and is now known as Calnex Sentinel.

time and frequency distribution

Custom Solutions

Our unmatched personal service backed by  technical expertise allows us to develop a wide variety of systems and solutions that are right for your needs.