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What is a reliable and redundant time server?

NetClock time servers are designed with a high MTBF. More importantly, Spectracom backs its commitment to quality with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. We take reliability of the network time application much further than do our competitors. As with any critical network application, mechanisms should be considered to achieve the highest level of reliability. For instance, NTP deployments can utilize multiple NetClock stratum-1 NTP servers for redundancy. NetClock time servers also support NTP peering and stratum-2 operation to add resiliency to the network. Additionally, a dial-out modem back-up is an extremely reliable and cost-effective solution for maintaining stratum-1 accuracy by leveraging the reliable telecommunications network to synchronize to NIST and other official reference points. Lastly, an internal oscillator is an important consideration to achieve the results you need.


Why you need an oscillator

NetClock NTP servers are designed to maintain accuracy in the event of loss of the GPS signal due to severe weather (lightning strikes, high winds, etc.), physical damage to the antenna, GPS signal jamming and electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and even if the federal government disables the GPS signal. Internal oscillators ensure seamless operation if the GPS signal is lost by maintaining synchronization accuracy until the GPS signal is restored.

A choice of 3 oscillators are available depending on the needs of the application. A temperature controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO) is standard. Optional oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) and Rubidium-stabilized (Rb) oscillators offer extended "holdover" accuracy. Download pdf file.

Oscillator Drift Rate (nanosec/sec) Holdover Accuracy (millsec/day) Recommended Holdover
TCXO 2,000 172.8 days
OCXO 20 1.728 months
Rb 0.05 0.1296 years


We’ll recommend the best combination of NetClock time server reliability and redundancy options based on your needs.


What is an IPv6Ready time server?

Internet Protocol is the method by which data is sent from one computer to another over the Internet. Version 4 of the Internet Protocol (IPv4) has been in use for over 25 years. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is proposed to replace IPv4 to support the increase in addresses needed for the proliferation of network devices. Other advantages of IPv6 include improvements for security, mobile communications, quality of service, and system management.

The US military is implementing IPv6 to support the future of network-centric warfare envisioned by a global information grid of interconnected sensors, platforms, and other network capabilities. The Department of Defense (DoD) has mandated IPv6 for all new networking equipment. All federal agencies must deploy IPv6 by 2008.

To ensure product quality and interoperability, the IPv6Ready program was developed by the IPv6 Forum. Independent test labs certify devices as IPv6Ready. NetClock time servers are the only time servers that have been certified as IPv6Ready. Additionally, NetClock time servers demonstrated interoperability with the DoD and industry leaders on the largest IPv6 network known as Moonv6. NetClock time servers can operate on a mixed IPv4 and IPv6 network or on either network.

NetClocks are the only IPv6Ready certified and tested time servers. They protect your network investment well into the future.


How scalable are time servers?

NetClock time servers are high bandwidth network devices that can process more than 4,000 NTP requests per second. This capability can support hundreds of thousands of NTP clients on a network. More often than not, large NTP deployments utilize a distributed time servers in a hierarchy of stratum levels depending on the network topology.

NetClock time servers are scalable network devices. A variety of features and options are available to match network different needs and topologies.


Why different time server models?

We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all, so we offer our two NetClock time server series in three main models with various hardware configurations and options. Security and manageability software features are common among all models.

The model 9283/9383 is recommended for the most critical network applications. It offers the most reliability and flexibility for a GPS-synchronized time server: precision oscillator upgrades for long holdover in case of loss of GPS signal and optional back-up modem, front panel displays, and outputs including 1 PPS, 10 MHz, IRIG and serial time codes to synchronize specific devices in addition to NTP.

The model 9289/9289 also synchronizes to GPS with optional modem back-up (or as primary if GPS antenna installation is impractical). It is typically used in smaller NTP deployments and does not have the range of alternate time and frequency outputs compared to the 9283. It is typically used specifically for network synchronization via NTP.

The model 9288/9388 is device dedicated to synchronize an isolated network in a facility where a GPS time server exists such as a model 9283 or a 9289. It eliminates the expense of having duplicate GPS receivers but is a fully functioning stratum-1 NTP time server. It synchronizes to a continuous time code signal from another time server via twisted pair up to 4,000 feet. It is also an ideal stratum-2 hardware time server.

Let us recommend the solution that is right for your needs.


What service and support options are available?

With any Spectracom product, you’ll receive the highest level of personal support from a knowledgeable staff. Our customer service department has over 80 years of time synchronization experience. 85% of tech support requests are closed in one phone call. Our standard 5-year warranty is tops in the business. But we don’t stop there. We offer standard and customized service programs so you can have the most comprehensive support available. Our Premium Support Package is available on all our time servers to feature 24/7 tech support, 24-hour loaners, and expedited repair service. Warranty extensions are also available.

We offer the best tech support in the industry. Standard and custom service programs turn this support into total comprehensive coverage.
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