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  • synchronized digital clock
  • synchronized digital clock
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Virtually every enterprise benefits from synchronized time displays - clocks displaying the correct time that is traceable to official time. Truly synchronized operations.

Accurate time is an integral part of a facility's communication system in many industries and applications. Synchronize visual time as well as all other critical timing systems including computer network operations. Three types of display clocks are available. All utilize a NetClock and SecureSync network time servers as the system's master clock.

  • IP clocks synchronize directly via network time protocol (NTP) over Ethernet. Clocks are powered by power-over-ethernet. A Ethernet power injector can be used to convert 110/220VAC mains power.
  • Wireless clocks are synchronized through a network-based 900 MHz transmitter (unlicensed in North America, but prohibited for public use in Europe, check with local authorities for licensing requirements in other areas). Every clock is also a wireless repeater for an extremely reliable wireless mesh network.
  • TimeView clocks synchronize by 2-wire RS-485.

TimeView RS-485 Clock Details

TimeView time displays are synchronized to a Spectracom ASCII time code via RS-485 over twisted pair to display time traceable to national and international standards. A Clock can be up to 4,000 feet from the time source and multiple clocks can be daisy-chained, up to 32 clocks, for easy-installation.

The model TV400W 6-digit 4.0" high HR:MIN plus half-height SEC are visible up to 150 feet away making it perfect for command and control operations and call centers.

IP/PoE Clock Details

Spectracom offers these network-based IP synchronized clocks from Sapling. For ease of installation and management, the display clocks meet the needs of the network-centric evolution of facility infrastructure. It leverages the wired network infrastructure of a facility to allow for reliable clock synchronization over an existing LAN/WAN.

900 MHz Wireless Clock Details

Spectracom offers a 900 MHz wireless clock system from Sapling for organizations with time-sensitive operations that require simple sync clock installation. The system is compatible with Spectracom GPS network time servers as a master clock for traceability to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Time from the master is broadcast by a wireless transmitter to synchronize displays.



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Product Manuals, Technical Notes and Briefs

Installing/troubleshooting RS-485 synchronized TimeView digital display clocks
Installing/troubleshooting RS-485 synchronized TimeView digital display clocks

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