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Epsilon GPS Clock


EC20S Epsilon GPS Clock

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EC20S Epsilon Clock

High-performance GPS/GLONASS Clock Designed to Exceed Digital TV, Digital Radio, 4G Base Stations, Satcom Time and Frequency Synchronization Requirements

The Epsilon Clock Model EC20S provides accurate and stable time and frequency signals for your high-performance synchronization application. The unit’s optimized architecture is well-suited to transmitter synchronization of digital broadcast signals (DVB-T/T2, T-DMB, DAB or DRM) in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) modes: the high port density allows to synchronize up to 10 emitters simultaneously on the same site.

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  • High-performance GPS/GLONASS clock
  • 32-channel multi GNSS receiver
  • High time & frequency accuracy, even if GNSS is lost
  • Low phase noise
  • High output port density: 
    • Up to 10 x 1PPS TTL outputs
    • Up to 10 x 10 MHz sine wave, low phase noise outputs
  • Network management based on Web User Interface and SNMP
  • NTP stratum 1 support

Other Products to Consider


OEM Timing Board   GPS Clock Module

EBO3 Epsilon Board OEM

  • Inputs: 12 channel GPS, 1PPS, 10 MHz, NMEA
  • Outputs: 1PPS, 10 MHz, NMEA
  • Network management over IP
  • Evaluation kit available to speed development

EC1S Epsilon GPS Clock Module

  • GPS reference input
  • Outputs: 1 PPS TTL output, 10 MHz sine wave output, Time of Day output
  • Two auxiliary inputs/outputs for a full range of applicability

NetClock® Time Server & Master Clock

The latest generation of the industry-leading NetClock (9483) offers numerous options that range from a high-performance GPS stratum-1 NTP server, to a variety of time and frequency functions.