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8145 TimeGuard® NetClock® Monitor/Selector

TimeGuard ™ NetClock® Monitor/Selector - Model 8145

TimeGuard® NetClock® Monitor/Selector - Model 8145

  • Establishes Synchronization Backup for 911 PSAPs, Airports, Government and Other Communication Centers
  • Monitors NetClock Time Outputs
  • Automates Switchover to Secondary NetClock
  • Operator-Controlled Override Selector
  • 5-Year Warranty


Product Overview

Synchronized mission-critical systems in 911 PSAPs, airports, government and transportation communication centers demand redundancy. Whether the concern is weather-related signal degradation on a WWVB system, GPS-jamming, or unit failure, a TimeGuard redundant system provides the assurance of continuous time synchronization with Legally Traceable Time™.

The Spectracom TimeGuard™ makes it easier than ever to ensure backup of your critical systems. In the event of a primary clock failure, the TimeGuard automatically switches to a backup NetClock. TheTimeGuard is equipped with an operator-controlled manual override that can be used to select either clock.

In today’s challenging environment, redundancy is more important than ever. The TimeGuard Model 8145 automatically monitors the RS-232, RS-485, IRIG B/E signals and time synchronization status of two NetClocks to establish another level of protection for system integrity.

For ease of use and peace of mind, the Spectracom TimeGuard is the right choice for system backup in mission critical applications.

Spectracom solutions provide Legally Traceable Time™ throughout your operations. Legally traceable timestamps provide necessary evidence and validation of events to reduce liability risks.



Technical Specs

Inputs Dual set of IRIG B/E, RS-232 serial communications, RS-485
and Time Sync outputs from two NetClocks. User-selectable signal monitor enable/disable feature.
Outputs One set, IRIG B/E, RS-232 and RS-485. Primary/Backup selection, Major and Minor alarm.
Power 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 6 watts
Alarms A minor alarm is declared if there is a loss of signal at any one of the six monitored clock outputs. A major alarm is declared if both clocks have output failures, loss of time sync, or both.
Rear Panel AC Power: With fuse and voltage selector. 3-prong connector and 7’ cord included.

Signal Inputs: Two RS-232, DB9 male; two RS-485, DB9 male; two IRIG, BNC; NetClock to TimeGuard interconnect cable supplied.

Signal Output: One RS-232, DB9 female; one RS-485, DB9 female; one IRIG b/E, BNC.

Alarm Output: Terminal strip. Relay contact closures for Major/Minor alarm, Primary/Backup select.
Front Panel Indicators: Major/minor alarm, auto/manual select, primary/backup ready and primary/backup select.

Switches: Automatic/Manual mode and Primary, Backup clock selection.
Warranty 5-Year Warranty

Physical & Environmental Specfications

Size / Weight EIA 19” rack W x 1.75” H x 10” D/ 6 lbs.
Temperature 0°C to 50°C operating range

Ordering Information

1 TimeGuard, Model 8145 Clock Monitor and Selector.
2 Requires two NetClocks with RS-232, RS-485 and IRIG
outputs. System should include two NetClock/2
(WWVB) or two NetClock/GPS or one NetClock/2 and one NetClock/GPS.