Essential Ingenuity

Sharing the Spirit of Essential Ingenuity

We believe Essential Ingenuity is a mindset shared by many of our customers and partners who are dedicated to making the world better through resilient PNT.

At Spectracom, we have made it our rallying cry, uniting our whole organization from engineering and customer service to sales and finance. It means that we will stretch our talent, knowledge and experience as far as we can – and then some – to find fail-safe GNSS solutions.

Essential Ingenuity crosses borders, industries and the public/private sector. It is a phrase that has its own meaning to different people depending on what they do and where they work.

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How Public Safety defines Essential Ingenuity

Recently we asked people who work in the public safety sector their thoughts while attending the annual conference for the Association of Public Communications Officials.

What does Essential Ingenuity mean to you?

• Making sure that the 911 call goes to the right person all the time
• The reliance of all community partners and groups to work as one to improve and think of new ways to continue progress
• Bringing together all essential services
• Know what tools are in your toolbox, knowing that a wrench can be used as a hammer in a pinch
• Necessary creativity
• Technical developments to make our jobs easier
• Creating solutions using basic conceptual techniques

How do you practice Essential Ingenuity at work?

• With training, meetings and group brainstorming sessions to create new ideas
• Dual everything
• People first
• Doing whatever I can to ensure that my job is done to the utmost
• Understanding as many failure modes as possible
• By facing technical constraints 
• Keeping an open mind to different perspectives
• Making sure the caller is given all our attention

What challenge in public safety is most in need of Essential Ingenuity?

• Next generation 911
• Communications across disciplines
• Knowing what your systems can do, not just what they were designed to do
• Better collaboration with PD
• FCC location technology for wireless
• Officer safety
• Redundancy