Orolia Enterprise

Orolia Enterprise is Orolia’s commercial division. We have a proven track record of delivering the right products, solutions and support to the critical infrastructures and test systems of the world’s largest companies.

From precision timing and synchronization to advanced GNSS and PNT simulation to test and measurement, Orolia Enterprise will be your trusted partner for networks and systems that are too big, or too critical, to fail. With Orolia Enterprise, you’ll meet your project goals with confidence.

Orolia Enterprise data sheet
Resilient Timing and Synchronization for Commercial Applications

Precision Timing for the Enterprise

As your Enterprise grows, so do your needs for precision timing and synchronization.

  • Optimizing network operations and improving quality of service
  • Managing network latency
  • Improving data accuracy and security
  • Legal traceability
  • Complying with regulations and standards

Orolia Enterprise offers reliable and scalable solutions with options ranging from traditional GPS/GNSS timeservers to indoor (“wireless”) options like STL, full support for network time and precision time protocols (NTP/PTP), modular design for easy custom I/O configurations, advanced security support including GPS jamming and spoofing detection and mitigation, and more, all backed by industry leading support.

Enterprise Timing

GPS/GNSS Test Systems

Enterprise Support

We can provide virtually any type of service to support your project, and we also offer standard services, plans and packages. These enhancements over our standard industry-leading warranty and technical support are designed to ensure your business continuity.

Annual Service Plan (ASP)

  • Designed for lab and factory environments, and test applications
  • Recommended for the GSG-5 and -6 series
  • unlimited phone/email support
  • Annual calibration and factory check
  • Free product updates
  • Loaner service
  • Priority factory repair services

Premium Support Packages (PSP)

  • Premium support package
  • 24/7 emergency technical support
  • Express next-day loaner service
  • Priority repair services
  • Gold option replacements, calibrations, and on-site service options
24x7 support