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Time & Frequency References & Systems

SecureSync Time Server and Frequency Reference

SecureSync Time & Frequency Reference System

Spectracom’s flagship SecureSync® offers the highest degree of flexibility in 1RU. It integrates Spectracom’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design. We offer configurations specific for defense and commercial applications. What’s more, this platform can be easily extended  to add the exact capability you need.

Epsilon GPS Clocks

These high-performance GPS/GLONASS clocks are designed to meet and exceed the requirements for digital broadcast to synchronize transmitters in frequency and phase via multiple 1PPS and 10 MHz reference signals.

Model Configurations

Epsilon time and frequency signal distribution amplifier

Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System

The Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System is a high performance, network- manageable, solution for distributing time and frequency signals for satcom, digital TV or audio broadcast, microwave links, satellite ground stations applications.

Model Configurations

  • SAS-17E (1 RU)
  • SAS-36E (2RU)

Network Time Servers

Modules, Boards & Slot Cards

Signal Testers

Path Align-R microwave antenna alignment tool

Pendulum Path Align-R Microwave Antenna Alignment Test Set

The Path Align-R™ is a high performance, affordable and complete test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path between two microwave antennas within minutes.

Model 2200 Frequencies:

  • Band 1: 1.5–2.5 GHz
  • Band 2: 5.8–6.6 GHz
  • Band 3: 11.0–12.0 GHz
  • Band 4: 18.1–19.4 GHz

Model 2240/2241 Frequencies:

  • Band 1: 1.5–2.5 GHz
  • Band 2: 3.5–5.0 GHz & 5.8–6.6 GHz
  • Band 3: 7.5–10.0 GHz & 11.0–12.0 GHz
  • Band 4: 18.1–19.4 GHz & 22.0–23.5 GHz

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