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By Robyn Federman
Orolia’s secure timing solutions selected for Asian Financial Services market. Resilient signal and timing software protects SBI Japannext.
By Lisa Perdue, Product Manager

If you have a mission-critical application that demands the highest level of protection, you’re a candidate for an STL-based system. Satellite Time and Location, or STL, is a system that augments GNSS or serves as a backup to GNSS in critical systems.

By Lisa Perdue, Product Manager

STL is a new satellite-based GNSS augmentation system: Originating from the Iridium® constellation of 66 low-earth-orbiting satellites, STL is 1,000 times stronger than GPS/GNSS, reaching deep into buildings and preventing GPS/GNSS jamming without the aid of local infrastructure. STL signals are further protected by cryptographic security features that are much more difficult to misdirect or “spoof.”